Monday, March 15, 2010

March Tasks

Most of the day was spent cleaning the potting shed. (What a mess!) Wrapped up the day with a trip to Lowes to pick up a few plants for the shed and a few more seeds. While cleaning I noticed a small birds nest under construction above the fuse box in the shed. Tried not to disturb the nest, but I'm not sure that baby birds are going to like the 24hr a day grow lights.
Speaking of birds, I've noticed a few new additions to the birds feeding from the feeder 0utside the office window. To date the list of birds consist of two Mourning Doves, so many Finches I've lost count, 5 Cardinals, a Wood Pecker that I have yet to identify, several Blue Jays, and either a Downey or a Hairy Woodpecker. Their appetite has now reached almost 1 bag of seed every 4 days.
(Photo of potting shed is from last summer, showing moon flowers and Shoal Creek Vitex.)

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  1. The potting shed looks amazing. Think you should post some pics of your newly "clean" workspace. And while you're at it, pics of the birds and lettuce beds as well. Welcome to the blogisphere!